Transmission Problems Repair Service

One of the biggest worries that people have when it comes to their vehicle is that it will require transmission repairs. Not only can these repairs be expensive when you don't catch them early, but it can also be dangerous to drive when your transmission isn't working properly. Knowing the signs that your transmission is having issues can help you catch them early on. Here are the top 10 signs to watch for.

Failing to Switch Gears

Whether you're driving an automatic or manual vehicle, the transmission should switch gears as you change speeds. If your vehicle fails to make the switch, you should have the transmission inspected as soon as possible.

Burning Transmission Fluid

If your transmission fluid starts burning, you can be assured that there is something wrong with it. Pay attention to burning smells coming from your transmission to catch it right away. 

Unusual Noises in Neutral

When you're idling, your vehicle should stay fairly quiet. If you start to hear any unusual sounds while in neutral, you should have your transmission examined.

Slipping between Gears

Your car should say in the gear that you put it in until you're ready to switch it. If you can feel it slipping between gears while you're driving around, it can be incredibly dangerous for you.

Dragging Clutch

If your clutch is dragging, you may hear grinding sounds when pushing on the clutch. The grinding will damage the parts within your transmission.

Leaking Transmission Fluid

Look for signs of leaks underneath your car. If you don't have the transmission fluid your car needs, it will quickly become an issue.

Shaking between Gears

If you notice any shaking when you switch between gears, your transmission could be the culprit. Have a trusted mechanic check it out.

Unusual Noises While Driving

Unusual noises may not just occur when you're in neutral; they may also occur when you're driving. These sounds can alert you to an issue that should be addressed.

Hesitation to Switch

When you switch between gears, your vehicle should make the switch without any problems. If it hesitates to make the switch, your transmission is struggling to change the gears.

Check Engine Light

And of course, if the check engine light should come on when you're driving, you should take the hint that you require transmission repairs in Buckhead or Sandy Springs, GA as soon as possible.