Transmission Replacement Service

Your car has its own language, whether you realize it or not. It has ways of telling you when it needs certain things like fluids or repairs. If you have noticed any of the following 5 things, then you should know that your car is telling you it needs a transmission replacement in Buckhead, GA.

1. It Has a Hard Time Slowing Down

Your brakes are not the only part of your car that helps you slow down. If you are having to push harder on your brakes to get it to slow down, then this is a sign that your auto transmission is going out. In order for the car to decelerate, the transmission has to shift down through the different gears. If your car feels jerky while slowing down, then it is time to get your transmission checked.

2. It Feels Gritty while Downshifting

A healthy transmission will allow you to shift through the gears in a seamless fashion. If, however, things feel gritty and thick while working through the shaft, then this is a sign that something is amiss.

3. It Is Sluggish during Acceleration

As your car speeds up, it will shift up through the different gears. You know how your car feels when it is speeding up. If it starts to feel more sluggish while you are trying to accelerate, then there is a good chance that your transmission is struggling and will soon need to be replaced.

4. It Is Making Strange Noises during Shifting

Transmissions in good repair will make very soft sounds while going through the gears. Any strange sounds like screeching, grinding, popping, or other such sounds are screams for mercy from your transmission.

5. It Is Leaking Oil

Finally, if you have been noticing large pools of oil under your car, then you will know that your transmission is unhealthy. Cracks in the gears or loose bolts in the mechanism can cause this kind of leakage, and should be taken care of as soon as possible.