transmission repair

 You may think about saving money only when you're having auto transmission repairs or having the transmission replaced. It's better to think of saving money earlier. Proper maintenance and care of your transmission may mean the difference in a transmission lasting 50,000 or 60,000 miles, or your transmission lasting for twice as many miles.

The Life of a Transmission

How long will your transmission last? Many factors enter into the equation. How often do you have the transmission checked for early signs of trouble? What make of vehicle do you drive? Do you live in a cold region or a warm region?

How you drive your car also affects the life of a transmission. Do you apply heavy pressure to the gas pedal? Do you tow heavy loads up and down mountains or hills? Do you tow loads over the weight recommended by your vehicle's manufacturer?

Warning Signs

Be aware of signs of trouble with your transmission. Obvious signs may be slow acceleration, fluid leaks, or the car shaking. Your check engine light should come on.

Look for less obvious signs. Do you notice a delay when your transmission shifts from one gear to the next? Does your transmission constantly switch between gears? Is your transmission fluid dark?  Do you smell a burning odor when you are towing or carrying heavy loads or when you are going over hills or mountains? If you spot these signs, it may be time to get transmission repair in Sandy Springs, GA.

Extending Your Transmission's Life


Consider these 5 tips to extend the life of your vehicle's transmission:

  1. Check the transmission fluid at least once a month. Many problems occur because the transmission fluid is dirty or low.
  2. Use synthetic transmission fluid. Synthetic fluid costs a little more, but it resists heat and cold, conditions that can shorten a transmission's life.
  3. Service the transmission every 30,000 miles or 2 years. Typically, a service includes draining and replacing your transmission fluid, changing the filter, and removing and cleaning the transmission pan. You may opt for a transmission flush, which also drains fluid in the transmission pan, the cooler lines, and the torque converter. Flushes are done less frequently, about every 50,000 miles.
  4. Add an external filter. Your transmission contains a filter, which traps dirt and contaminants. Adding another filter to the cooler lines will keep the transmission fluid cleaner and help the transmission last longer.
  5. Get maintenance performed on the cooling system every two years. The maintenance consists of replacing the antifreeze, checking for leaks and damage, inspecting and replacing belts and hoses, checking the thermostat, and testing the radiator cap pressure.

Replacing Your Transmission

Transmissions don't last forever. When it's time to replace your transmission, you have two options. You can buy a pre-manufactured transmission or go with a rebuilt transmission. The pre-manufactured transmission includes upgrades to the transmission and comes with a longer warranty.