Auto Transmission Repair Service If you are unfamiliar with your vehicle's transmission, then it can be hard to identify problems. In fact, a large percentage of drivers are unable to describe what exactly the transmission does. How can you be expected to know when the transmission is having problems without detailed automobile knowledge?

Thankfully, an auto transmission specialist in Sandy Springs can identify and repair what you cannot: problems with this vital component of your engine, which translates your engine's power output to your wheels. If you identify these 8 common symptoms of a problem, take your vehicle to auto transmission repair in Sandy Springs as soon as possible. These are urgent issues that require immediate service.

Transmission Is Slow

Your transmission should respond right away when you change gears. If you notice that there is a delay in response, your transmission may be failing. If this occurs while you are driving, you can be in a serious car accident.

Transmission Is Making Noises

Just about every component of your vehicle should be fairly quiet. If your car whines, hums, or makes loud clunking sounds that resemble mechanical labor, your transmission needs immediate inspection.

Fluid Problems

A fluid leak is one of the most common problems associated with transmissions. A few drops now and then are normal and to be expected. Considering the average transmission repair cost in Sandy Springs, you can ignore slight fluid loss. However, if puddles form under your vehicle or if the transmission fluid takes on a rusty color, then your transmission is lacking vital fluids and is in danger of failure.

Shaking and Grinding

diagnostic service in Sandy Springs As stated earlier, your vehicle should be fairly silent. In addition, it should drive smoothly without intense vibrations, shaking, or grinding sensations. If your vehicle gives you a rough ride, your transmission may be to blame. Have it inspected immediately.

Bad Odor

A bad burning or smoky smell is cause for immediate concern. If your car emits any such odors, then the transmission fluid may be overheating. Take your car to an auto transmission repair shop in Sandy Springs right away.

Refusal to Cooperate

If your vehicle does not shift after you engage the clutch, then there may be a serious mechanical problem with your transmission. Your vehicle should always change gears when you move the stick. Have a professional evaluate it right away.

Gears Slipping

Not only should your gears change when you engage the clutch, they should stay in place until you or the vehicle's computer shift gears again. If your transmission slips—suddenly changes gears without input—you can be involved in a serious accident. Have your car serviced immediately.

Dragging Clutch

This common and serious transmission problem refers to a mechanical error with the flywheel, a vital component of the transmission system. A symptom of "dragging clutch" is an inability to change gears and a slow, grinding noise when you attempt to shift. If you have this or any of the above serious transmission problems, take your vehicle in for auto transmission repair in Sandy Springs as soon as possible to prevent a disastrous car accident.