Car maintenance Service Your ability to perform maintenance tasks for your car is greater than you think. The basic, routine maintenance requirements for most vehicles are well within the reach of anyone who is willing to read instructions carefully and get their hands a bit dirty.



Before you begin performing your own car maintenance in Sandy Springs, you will need to invest in a few tools.

·         Open-end or adjustable wrench

·         Phillips screwdriver

·         Ratchet or socket wrench with socket extensions

·         Funnel

·         Pliers

·         Oil pan

·         Oil filter wrench

·         Car jack

With the above tools, many of which you may already have, and instructions from your car manual or other trustworthy source, you can accomplish a number of basic car maintenance tasks, including the following:

·         Replace your air filter. The cost to you? The price of a new filter and about 10 minutes.

·         Replace your windshield wipers. Consult your owner's manual for this one as all cars are a bit different. Once you get the process down, replacing the blades every 6 months will be a breeze.

·         Replace a blown fuse. If your taillights aren't working, it could be a blown fuse. Your owner's manual will describe the types of fuses your car uses and their location.

·         Flush the radiator fluid. For most cars, this job needs to be done every two years or so for optimal performance. To do the job, you need to drain the fluid, add a cleaner and run the car, drain the cleaner, and then replace the radiator fluid with fresh coolant.

·         Change the oil. This job is a bit messier than the first three, but not significantly more difficult. It involves draining the oil, removing and replacing the oil filter, and then adding new oil. The oil pan and filter are easy to locate and access, and you really don't need any special knowledge to be successful.

·         Replace headlight or taillight bulbs. If you can replace a lightbulb, you can tackle this project. Make sure to take the current bulb with you when buying a replacement so you get the right one.

·         Car Maintenance in Sandy Springs Fix a chipped windshield. With a $15 windshield repair kit, you can fix a chip in about an hour.

·         Change the brake pads. While this job is a bit more challenging than any of the others listed, it still falls comfortably in the DIY range. Instructions for this job are easy to find and follow, the tools needed are simple, and the savings are huge.

·         Replace the fuel filter. Fuel filters need to be replaced at regular intervals to keep your car at maximum reliability and efficiency. In terms of skill, this job is on par with replacing the oil. However, the process itself requires disconnecting the battery, fuel lines, and releasing the fuel pressure, steps that must be followed carefully to avoid damaging the vehicle.

Other car repairs are also conducive to the aspiring DIY mechanic, including clutch replacement, clutch repair, and drive shaft repair. If you don't want to tackle any of these repairs yourself, that's okay, too. A trusted mechanic in Sandy Springs is ready to help you with your car.