The health and longevity of your vehicle is all wrapped up in how your transmission is doing. If you’re considering transmission repair prices in Buckhead, bear in mind these tips for extending the life of your vehicle’s transmission.

The 30,000 Mile Marker

This is the basic marker for extending the life of your transmission: keep an eye on your mileage. Whenever your vehicle reaches a certain mile marker, 30,000 miles, that means you’ve hit the average distance traveled before you should consider repairing or tuning up your transmission.

Transmission Fluid

There are several reasons why the use of transmission fluid is essential in the health of your transmission. The use of synthetics in particular can help enhance the performance of your transmission overall, but transmission fluid helps to make the mechanisms move easier, with less resistance, which creates less wear on the equipment over time. You should make sure that your transmission fluid is replaced regularly to help enhance your vehicle’s performance.

Cooler Line Filters

Cooler line filters are also another important element, like your transmission fluid. This is a filter in the transmission that helps trap dirt and other materials, and prevents these elements from contaminating the transmission fluid. This helps the transmission fluid to last that much longer, helps prevent wear, and helps keeping things working the way they should.

Keep Things Cool

There’s a correlation between your vehicle’s cooling system and the health of your transmission. If you keep your vehicle nice and cool because you always have enough coolant in it, then that means your transmission won’t be a victim of overheating. In general, you can check these fluids every two years at minimum to make sure that your vehicle is in good shape.

Maintaining and lengthening the life of your transmission doesn’t have to be tricky. These tips will help guide you through that experience easily enough. Bear them in mind as you search for the right transmission repair prices in Buckhead.