Transmission Pan Gasket Replacement Over the life of your car, your transmission will take a beating. They are built to be reliable and endure all kinds of driving conditions. Transmissions are so durable, most people think they don’t need regular maintenance. However, even your transmission needs regular check-ups to keep it performing at its best. Transmission repair costs are minimal compared to serious damage and replacement costs incurred when transmissions do not get the attention they need. Here are some of the most important transmission repair services from the experts at Mr. Transmission.

Transmission Pan Gasket Replacement

A transmission pan is on the bottom of your transmission and it holds the fluid that keeps the transmission lubricated. If you notice red stains on your driveway, chances are your transmission pan is leaking. This can be a serious problem if left untreated. It is caused when the rubber pan gasket is compromised by dry rot and breaks the seal between the pan and the transmission.

Transmission Filter Replacement

Like an oil filter, a transmission filter keeps grime and particulate from clogging the inner workings of your transmission. However, if the filter is clogged, it can put stress on your transmission as it forces oil through the filter. Filters are usually replaced when the transmission pan is off and all fluid is drained. Like the pan gasket, this is an easy and inexpensive procedure.

Transmission Fluid Change

Transmission fluid, like your engine oil, should be changed on a regular basis. Most manufacturers recommend a fluid change every 30,000 to 60,000 miles depending on your usage. A transmission flush removes the old oil as well as sludge and grime that have built up in your transmission. Once the old fluid has been flushed, new oil is added to factory recommended levels. You can check your transmission fluid levels by checking the dipstick like you would check your oil.

Transmission Repair

The full-service treatment involves removing and dismantling your transmission. Once it has been removed, dismantled, and cleaned, it is inspected for wear and tear. The teeth on each transmission gear can wear over time and reduce performance levels. Trained technicians can make repairs to existing parts or replace them altogether and get you back on the road in no time.

For questions and concern about transmission repair, consult your local experts at Mr. Transmission of Sandy Springs.