A drive shaft is a rotating part of a vehicle that helps in acceleration. It transfers the force from the vehicle’s engine to the wheels to make it run. This device gradually weakens from normal wear and tear, which is why it is important to be able to tell when to replace it. In such cases, look for drivetrain specialists in Sandy Springs to fix your vehicle. Here are signs to watch out for to know when your drive shaft needs replacement.

Noisy Vehicle

A broken drive shaft will cause your car to run noisily. These sounds will become louder as the speed increases and then stop and fall quiet at some point, which could lead you to think all’s well. Once you notice a suspicious squeak in the way your vehicle runs, then consider scheduling a driveshaft replacement in Sandy Springs. Clunking and rapid rattling noises indicate an unreliable drive shaft.

Poor Handling

A broken drive shaft will cause your vehicle to handle poorly. Normally, you can feel your car is handling well when it goes along tight turns and is parking as well as it should. However, when your drivetrain has issues, you’re likely to feel a resistance when turning your vehicle. If the problem persists after bringing it to a technician, then a replacement may be necessary.

Trembling Vehicle

Unexplained vibrations and shakes can result from a malfunctioning drive shaft. You may notice these quivers when the car starts moving. The bigger the drive shaft issue, the worse the trembling can get.

You may need to eliminate the cause of these vibrations because this type of symptom can also mean that your vehicle has tire-related issues. Most often, a drive shaft or bushing problem will cause the car to shake constantly, not only during acceleration.

It’s vital to get a drivetrain repair in Sandy Springs or replace your vehicle’s drive shaft at the first sign of trouble. It’s dangerous to ignore these warnings because it can cause you to lose control and injure yourself, others, or damage properties. It also quickens the wear and tear of the other parts of your vehicle. Watch out for these signs to ensure safety.