manual transmission Primary Function

The overwhelming, primary function of the transmission pan in any make or model of any car or truck with an automatic transmission is to hold the automatic transmission fluid, or ATF. The automatic transmission is a machine in and of itself attached to your engine. It needs pressure from the fluid to function, but it also uses the fluid for lubrication and cooling. Operating the transmission without the pan will in every circumstance lead to failure, and you’ll be searching for auto transmission repair in Buckhead.

The Coolness Factor

Unlike owning a manual transmission in Buckhead, an automatic transmission will shift forward through the gears effortlessly without any more input from the driver besides placing the shifter in the drive position. In order for this to happen, the transmission must be kept relatively cool. Over-heating is the number one cause of automatic transmission failure, and low fluid is the number one cause of overheating. Check the fluid once per month and be aware of the color. Fluid should be translucent red. It should not appear burned or dirty.

A Big Pan

For some vehicles, especially high-performance models, after market transmission pans are available that are larger than their stock counterparts. A larger pan will hold more fluid, thereby helping the transmission stay cooler. A transmission that has been run consistently cooler over time will have a longer life expectancy.

Transmission repair

Transmission Pan Issues

The transmission pan is attached with a series of bolts to the bottom of the transmission. Between the pan and transmission is the pan gasket. If you choose to install a larger, aftermarket transmission pan, the most difficult part of the process is aligning the gasket on the new pan. If you crank one bolt too tightly, the gasket will slip out of alignment and will most definitely leak, leading to premature failure of your transmission. In many cases, installing a new pan gasket is beyond the skills of many do-it-yourselfers, and you may want to seek out an auto transmission repair shop near Buckhead.

Pans Aren’t Bulletproof

If you live on, or often drive on a gravel or rocky road, there is a high probability that your transmission pan has been in contact with flying stones. On some vehicles, the pan is made from aluminum, and is susceptible to impact holes or gashes. Many four-wheel drive vehicles have a skid plate, or some other sort of protective plate installed in front of, or over the pan to protect it against impact from flying debris. Occasional pan inspections can save you many repair dollars down the road.

The Nevers

Never use cork gaskets to seal the pan. Cork will dry and crack prematurely, causing leakage. Never jack-up your vehicle under the transmission pan. The pan stands no chance against the weight of the vehicle and once crushed, can’t be used again.