Axles shaft

In some axles, the bearing rollers touch the actual axle shaft. In models where that is the case, worn, pitted rollers and chipped bearings can wear a groove into the axle shaft. Additionally, the seal can also notch a groove into the axle shaft. Symptoms of this type of wear can include vibration or even leaking fluid in an extreme case. If you are having work done to your drivetrain in Buckhead the technician may also find evidence of needed work on your axle shaft; if that is the case, here is the procedure they will follow.

Inspecting the Axle

The first thing the technician performing axle shaft repair in Buckhead will do is inspect the axle shaft for rust, corrosion, damage or imperfections that will cause the bearing or seal to sit improperly and prevent proper sealing. Additionally, they will compare verify that the replacement part fits properly if implemented; this verification will allow for the proper seating for the repair bearing. They will also inspect the drivetrain, differential and other associated parts to ensure they do not need repair, maintenance or replacement as well.

Disassemble and Removal

The technician completing your car maintenance in Buckhead will next remove the axle, axle shaft, old seal and bearing, per manufacturer’s removal and disassembly guidelines. They will then clean the axle shaft using emery paper (at the Fine Grade) and that will be the new roller path and seal surface.

Drivetrain repair

New Installation

Once the old bearing is removed. the technician will immerse the new bearing in differential oil and allow it to drain before installation. They will then install the bearing in the axle housing, seal out. During this maneuver, they will have to use force on the bearing ring; if they put too much pressure on the seal, the result can be a failure. If that occurs, then the entire procedure would have to be repeated as the reason for the work will have been defeated. If the seal is damaged and it is not caught, it can result in the entire shaft failing, significant leakage of fluid or in the same problem that required the axle shaft repair in the first place.


Once that is completed the technician will reinstall the axle, following manufacturer’s guidelines. They will also likely clean the differential housing and replace the oil in the differential. This similar to what they would do if they were performing differential repair in Buckhead. While they are doing the entire disassembly and reinstallation, they will be on the lookout for other wear on the axle, drivetrain or differential.

The axle shaft is important because it helps distribute rotation to the rear wheels. Occasionally, it gets worn down and needs to be replaced. If you are having repairs done to your drivetrain in Buckhead, you should also ask the technician to inspect your axle shaft to ensure it is not damaged.