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For more than 17 years, Mr. Transmission has served the community of Sandy Springs, GA and surrounding areas offering a variety of transmission services. Our experience and expertise in handling cars, have earned us the reputation of being dependable and honest. Here is what people are saying about our services. Please read through.

Customer Reviews

"Good people. Trustworthy!
I am the fleet manager (aka Dad) of my two daughters' cars. One of which is in Atlanta, the other in Minneapolis. So I get a call the other day from Atlanta stating that something is wrong with my car Dad, the RPMS's are floating and losing power. So I Did a little online research and made a couple of phone calls, and had my daughter bring her car to Mr. Transmission in Sandy Springs. That turned out to be a great choice! They were very friendly, ensured me that they would look into the situation with no charge for the diagnosis and do only what was necessary to fix the car. It turns out it was only a fluid fluctuation and they did not charge us a penny. They could have charged me with any repair and I would have paid it, because I am 800 miles away and my daughter needs a car, but they did not take advantage of that. So I highly recommend this shop! Great people who care about people!"
– AJ S.
"Hi Lowell and Cindy, I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your stellar customer service. As a home remodeler, I know how difficult it can be to deliver bad news to a client. When my transmission needed to be rebuilt, Lowell spent extra time to explain in detail exactly why the problem occurred and the steps needed to repair it. He was sensitive to the large amount of money it would cost and was very helpful in finding ways to save money. My truck is running better than ever and I feel confident driving it well into the future. Keep up the great work and please use this email in any way that can help another customer feel comfortable they're in good hands. Kind regards,"
– Mike G.
“We've had various transmission problems and Mr. Transmission always fixes them. There have been other problems with the vehicle that they've identified, but if they can't fix it themselves, they recommend someone who can. They're always courteous and bend over backwards to get things done in a timely manner. I highly recommend them to anybody and have done so on several occasions.”
– Les K.
“Mr. Transmission completely replaced my transmission. The franchise owner, Lowell Hester, was very personable and clearly concerned about my needs. This was my first time working with the company and he was very helpful throughout the process. If all of the franchisees are like Lowell, you can't go wrong with Mr. Transmission.”
– Jim S.
“My family and I have had a good experience working with Mr. Transmission. They have worked on at least three cars of ours. They have friendly customer service, and they do a pretty good job. They make sure to alert us if the vehicles need any additional work. I would recommend their service.”
– Juan T.
“Mr. Transmission helped us with our '97 Mercedez e320 when our transmission went out. They were able to advise us on what to do about it, and rebuilt the transmission. They were very friendly, the financial arrangement was good, and they did the work successfully. I would recommend them.”
– Ali W.
“Mr. Transmission has impressed me with their service each time that I've used them. Everyone on the staff is very attentive and knows exactly what they're doing. I was very satisfied with the quality of their workmanship and customer service. They've repaired my transmission on time, as promised and I'd highly recommend them.”
– Lior W.

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