Everyone knows that regular maintenance and upkeep are essential if you want to keep your car running well. Ignoring routine maintenance can lead to a laundry list of troubles, and that can result in serious repair costs. Oil changes, tire rotation, and replacing filters are all part of standard car care, but not everyone pays careful attention to other items. Do you know when your transmission fluid needs to be changed?

There are a number of things every owner and driver can do to keep their transmission in good condition. Since transmission repair can be both expensive and time consuming, it's worthwhile to keep these things in mind. There are several bad habits that can lead to damaging your transmission. A little bit of caution can help you avoid major issues with your transmission, and you'll be happier with avoiding repair bills.

A Full Stop

If you to have to change gears with your automatic transmission, you should always be at a full stop when doing so. Otherwise, you can cause serious harm to your transmission, as well as your drive shaft and gears. Over time this could practically destroy your transmission. Unless you're looking forward to buying a new transmission or having yours rebuilt, you should always remember to be at a full stop when changing gears.

Parking Brake

This is especially important if you regularly park on inclines. Instead of simply pushing on the brake and then putting your car in park, you should engage your parking brake. This alleviates some of the wear on your transmission, and it can prevent your car from rolling. Have you noticed that your car rolls a bit when you put it in park? A little bit of roll might not be a serious issue. The teeth could simply be aligning to stop the vehicle. However, a large amount of roll indicates serious transmission problems. As a general rule, it's a good idea to get in the habit of using your parking brake.


Balanced Fluid

Both too little and too much transmission fluid are bad for your car. A lack of fluid allows the gears to grind together, which will inevitably lead to overheating, fatigue, and failure. That red fluid is what lubricates the gears and keeps everything running smoothly. Transmission fluid is essential, but overfilling can present its own problems. Too much fluid can encourage leaking by generating too much pressure.

Proper Service

Much like your engine, your automatic transmission needs to be serviced periodically. Dirt and contaminants can build up and wear down your transmission prematurely. Your transmission fluid also needs to be changed on the schedule that your manufacturer recommends. When you need service for auto repair and transmission in Buckhead, it's important that you trust your vehicle to certified technicians. Otherwise, you're gambling with your vehicle's care and performance.