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When it comes to the various components necessary to make your car run, the transmission is one of the most important and complex. In newer cars, the transmission is often computerized, making it simultaneously easier to professionally diagnose and harder to DIY. Regular maintenance, fluid changes, and care can help your transmission do its job efficiently over the years, but occasionally problems still pop up. Read on to learn more about your transmission, signs of problems that needs to be immediately addressed, and when it’s necessary to schedule transmission auto repair in Buckhead.

Warning Light

The most straightforward warning sign that something isn’t right with your transmission is when the warning light comes on in your dashboard. The newer your car, the more likely it is that you’ll be notified of a problem that pops up. Temperature warnings can mean that there are issues with the transmission fluids, and a transmission running hotter than it should can cause problems. If a warning light pops up, getting your engine checked out by a professional ASAP is your best bet to prevent major problems.

Leaking Fluids

Aside from a warning light detecting a problem that you probably wouldn’t notice on your own, leaking transmission fluids are among the most obvious signs that something isn’t right with your transmission. Fluid found in your parking spot or garage shouldn’t be ignored, since a small leak can quickly turn into a major problem and expense. Transmission fluid is essential to keep things running smoothly, and since it doesn’t get burned up or used the way that motor oil does, low fluids generally come from a leak. Regular fluid checks can help determine if you have a leak, and a professional can help you determine if it comes from worn seals or gaskets, pan leaks, a drive shaft that is out of balance, disconnected cooler lines, worn mounts, damaged bell housings, or other problems.

Transmission 2

Transmission Fluid Smells

Transmission fluid is bright red and has a sweet or tart odor that can alert you to a leak. Since the fluid lubricates the moving parts and keeps things from breaking down, any burning smell should be immediately checked out and resolved before major parts get ruined.

Warning Noises and Change in Performance

Cars often make warning noises when something is wrong, so it is important to pay attention to those noises rather than drowning them out with music or wind. In a car with a manual transmission, a grinding noise when shifting into a new gear or a delay in response can mean an issue with your transmission. If you notice unusual noises or changes in performance with your vehicle, transmission auto repair in Buckhead can help to save your transmission.