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4 Signs Your Car May Need Transmission Repairs


If you're not mechanically inclined, you probably just want your car to drive reliably where you want to go. Unfortunately, all cars can and do have problems, at least on occasion. The tricky part is knowing what type of problem you're dealing with and getting an experienced mechanic to look at it before you risk further damage to your car. Here are 4 signs that indicate that transmission repairs are in order.

Shifting Gears Won't Work

If you notice that it's difficult or impossible to shift from one gear to another, that's a good indicator that the transmission is at fault. Of course, this only applies to manual cars, because an automatic doesn't have the clutch and gearshift that's being discussed here. The problem could occur when you first start driving, but it may also happen as you shift up and down on your trip. The cause is often low transmission fluid, but it can be something more serious, too.

It Smells

Some people really like the smell of cars and mechanical parts, while others only appreciate the new car smell. There's nothing wrong with smelling all kinds of things when you're at your mechanic's shop, but your nose shouldn't be bothered while you're inside your car. Your sense of smell can indicate all kinds of problems. For example, if you smell burning transmission fluid, there's definitely something wrong. If your transmission is frequently overheating, it may be necessary to get a driveshaft replacement in Sandy Springs, GA.

Technician at work

It's Loud

Sudden, loud noises coming from your car can startle you and should definitely place you on alert. If your car is making noises when you're shifting gears, your transmission isn't working the way it should. While an older vehicle won't always operate noiselessly, any new or unusual noises should be investigated. Additionally, if you hear a bumping noise when you're putting the car in neutral, the transmission is probably the first suspect. Your mechanic can perform a thorough inspection, let you know what the real issue is, and recommend the appropriate repairs.

Leaking Fluids

If your car is leaking fluids, you'll probably notice the stains on the driveway or in the parking spot that you're leaving. In some cases, a leak could be something simple. For example, the engine oil might be leaking because the cap wasn't screwed on properly. However, if it turns out that the leak is due to transmission fluid, you should take your car to a repair shop. While you can always top off fluids if necessary, a constant leak must be addressed to prevent permanent damage to your car.

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