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5 Signs of a Faulty Transmission

Faulty Transmission

When you drive your car, there are certain noises and sensations that you get used to. Some aspects of your car's handling and ride that you may encounter while driving need to be checked out immediately when felt or heard. Your transmission is easily one of the most important components of your car. There are a few warning signs that your car will give you hinting that it needs immediate transmission repair. When it comes to your transmission, you should be checking for these warning signs so you know when to get transmission repairs in Buckhead, GA.

Transmission Slipping

If you're driving an automatic transmission car, transmission slipping can feel like you're driving in a certain gear, then it changes to another for no reason. You will hear a noise in your engine that sounds like whining, and it can also change pitch. If your car seems like it's struggling, then suddenly can't accelerate like it should, you're probably experiencing transmission slipping.

Delayed Shifts

If you notice a delay before your car actually starts to move forward, then you need to have your transmission examined. When you shift your car from park to drive, there shouldn't be a long pause before you can move your car. If your engine revs as you give it gas but won't move forward, you need to take it to a shop right away. Delayed engagement is one of the surefire signs your car needs help.

Rough Shifts

If you ever feel like your car is refusing to change gears or the shifts aren't smooth, it's not a good sign. You might also feel or hear a clunk or thud noise when the car shifts gears.

Fluid Leak

Seeing transmission fluid leaking from your car is the one of the easiest ways to tell your car is in danger. Transmission fluid is usually bright red, dark red, or brown. Before you refill any transmission fluid, you should get it examined.

Warning Light

If you see a little blinking light on your dash telling you to check your engine, don't ignore it. Be sure to have a professional examine your car right away. It doesn't always mean that you have a transmission problem, but this light can come on before any of the above warning signs begin to happen.

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