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5 Sure Signs Your Transmission Requires Repair

Transmission Miantenance

Your transmission is easily one of the most important parts of your car. It's only a matter of time before you're going to need transmission repairs or replacement performed on your vehicle. It happens to some cars faster than others, but if you own your car for long enough, it will need replacement no matter what. Transmission replacement in Buckhead can be a difficult thing to see coming on. There are at least five sure signs that your transmission needs repairs or replacement service right away.

Leaking Fluid

If your transmission is leaking fluid, you need to get it checked on right away. If you see red fluid in your garage or driveway, this is transmission fluid. It can appear to be clear or cloudy. A leak in your transmission doesn't always mean that it is going bad, but it does mean that something needs to be fixed or at least looked at. If the leak continues for an extended period of time, it will cause damage to your transmission and possibly other sections of your car as well.

A Burning Odor

Even if you don't see any leaking transmission fluid, you can smell it burning off your car when you are outside of it. The gears in your car can overheat due to excessive friction, and that can create a burning smell as well. If the transmission is going bad, you're probably going to smell that burning odor. Whether that is the transmission fluid burning or the gears becoming too hot, you want to take it to an auto repair shop right away. A hot and burning smell coming from your car is not normal and shouldn't be something that you overlook.

Problems with Shifting Gears

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Your car's gears are a major component of the transmission system. Problems with shifting your car into different gears is usually a sure fire sign that your car's transmission is in serious trouble. If your car suddenly refuses to reverse at all, your transmission is probably shot. You want to take it into an auto repair shop and have it looked at before you drive it anywhere else. Hesitation while putting the car in gear, failing to stay in one gear, shifting gears for no apparent reason, and jerking when shifting gears are all signs that your transmission needs help.

Unusual Noises and Whines

When you hear an animal or child whine, chances are it's because something is wrong. The same thing applies for a car even though it isn't technically alive. A very easy way to tell that your transmission is in trouble is if you hear any irregular noises or whining sounds.

Grinding Between Gears

If manually changing gears produces a grinding sound or a shaking in automatic cars, it can be a sign of many different transmission issues. Take your car to a transmission specialist right away.

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