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Average Cost of Repairing a 5-Speed Transmission

5-Speed Transmission

Whether it's an automatic or five speed transmission in Buckhead, GA, the transmission transfers the power generated by the engine to the wheels to make the car move. Once it fails, the car won't move and the repair costs can be staggering. These are the typical costs for the most common transmission problems.

Transmission Fluid Leak

Like other parts of the car, the transmission uses fluid to change the gears. A transmission fluid leak is the most common problem and the first sign of bigger things. The transmission is actually a closed system, so any leaks indicate a breach in the system. The hole or crack can be in the fluid lines, pan gasket, an axle seal, or any number of other places. If you notice any reddish colored fluid under the car, have a transmission mechanic check for the problem. This will typically cost between $150 and $200, much of the time being spent finding the problem.

The Shift Solenoids

Another common transmission problem is with the pressure control solenoids. The solenoids control the fluid flow through the transmission and are controlled by the transmission computer. Symptoms of a bad solenoid can be hard shifting, the car won't down shift, or the car is stuck in neutral. Depending on how many solenoids are bad and need replacing, repair costs can average between $400 and $800. Since they are all the same age and typically wear out at the same rate, most transmission shops will suggest replacing all the solenoids at one time.

Replace or Rebuild Transmission

The single biggest fear for most car owners when they begin having a problem with their transmission is that it will completely fail and they'll have to replace it. Little problems left unattended will lead to severe damage to the transmission. A new transmission will cost, on average, between $4000 and $8000 while a rebuilt transmission can run between $3000 and $4000.

If you a have a manual transmission or an automatic four speed transmission for your Buckhead car, a regular transmission flush can add years to the system.This is the best preventative maintenance for you car and should only cost about $100. But, that $100 investment can save thousands in future repairs that are prevented early.

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