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Effective Tips for Manual Transmission Care

Manual Transmission Care

As anyone who has had to replace a transmission knows, it isn't exactly easy on the wallet. Maintaining your transmission, however, can be relatively simple. It can also extend the life of your transmission, saving you that money in the long run. Read on for tips on maintaining your manual transmission in Buckhead and getting the most bang for your buck.

Performance Boosting

Performance boosting products can help with friction, enhance the performance of your vehicle, and extend the life of your transmission.

Ease up on the Brakes

While people with automatic transmissions have no choice but to ride their brakes, people with manual transmissions can save a lot of wear and tear by downshifting instead.

Check Your Fluids

One of the best things you can do for the life and performance of your transmission is to keep an eye on the transmission fluid. Based on your fluid levels (or their absence), problems can be diagnosed and addressed. Transmission leaks can also create additional problems, so identifying and stopping those leaks quickly is the best practice.

Regular Tune-Ups and Repairs

Whether you need a simple oil change or you need a radiator repair in Buckhead, getting things taken care of in a timely manner will help prevent the accumulation of damage and disrepair over time. Faulty engines, bad alignment, and other problems can add too much strain to your transmission, making it wear out more quickly. Strange smells, grinding gears, and unusual sounds should also be addressed quickly, since they can be warning signs of bigger transmission problems.

Pay Attention to Your Gears

Car Speeding

Building up a lot of speed while staying in first gear puts a lot of strain on your transmission. Likewise, shifting from first to reverse (or the other way around) without coming to a complete stop first can weaken or strip the gears of your transmission. Pay attention to your shifting and gears, and try to keep things as smooth and effortless as possible in order to maintain transmission health.

Pay Attention to Your Weight

Watching your weight isn't just for New Year's resolutions anymore. Unless you have a truck meant for towing, pulling and carrying very heavy loads puts a lot of strain on your transmission, causing wear on the gears.

Warm Things up and Keep Things Cool

One last simple thing you can do for your transmission is pay attention to temperature. Let your car warm up before taking off, and make sure things don't get overheated when using your vehicle. You can have fans or auxiliary cooling systems installed that are designed to cool down your transmission, keeping it healthier over time.

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