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How to Tell When Your Car's Transmission Is Failing

Transmission Repair

Rebuilding or replacing a transmission is a very costly repair and one that every car owner hopes to avoid. Unfortunately, like other vehicle components, transmissions can get worn out or damaged and need to be repaired. It's important to recognize signs that the transmission is failing before it goes out completely. Here are some things to watch for.

Leaking Fluid

If you closely monitor your vehicle's fluid levels, low transmission fluid can be an early sign of a problem. Transmission fluid is bright red and shouldn't leak at all, so if you notice a low level when doing a dipstick inspection or see transmission fluid on your driveway, get your car in for transmissions repair in Buckhead right away. A slightly sweet, burning smell may also indicate that fluid is leaking or burning inside the transmission.

Movement Delay

If the engine revs for a few seconds before the car begins to move after putting it in gear, you need to get the transmission checked. Any hesitation after shifting the vehicle into gear is a sign that something is wrong.

Unusual Sounds

Your automatic transmission should shift so quietly that you really don't even notice the sound. But if something is wrong, you'll notice a humming, whining, or buzzing sound as it shifts through the gears.

Rough Shifting

In addition to shifting almost silently, you probably don't feel the gears shifting when the transmission is working properly. But if you begin to feel or hear a loud thud when the car shifts gears or if it just seems to be having a hard time speeding up smoothly, it's time to have your car looked at by a transmission repair shop in Buckhead.

Slipping Gears

Another sign that your transmission if beginning to fail is slipping gears. This happens as you're driving and the transmission changes gears for no reason. Along with the change in gears, the engine may change in pitch and your car will have difficulty accelerating.

Warning Light

A warning light on the dashboard like the check engine light can mean a number of things, but when it's combined with some or all of the previous symptoms, you can be sure there's a problem with the transmission that needs to be addressed right away by specialists.

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