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Knowing When to Repair or Replace the Axle Shaft

Axle Shaft

The axle shaft on your vehicle is also called a half shaft or CV axle. Its purpose is to transfer power from the car's transmission to the wheels. Unfortunately, axle shafts on front wheel drive vehicles fail more often than 4-wheel drive vehicles and they can become expensive to replace since the shaft is made of 5 different components. While it's important to get the opinion of drivetrain specialists in Sandy Springs, there are a few things to consider to help you decide if you should repair the axle shaft or replace it entirely.

Symptoms to Watch For

Many times, you won't notice a problem with the axle shaft unless a mechanic notices a torn CV boot during regular maintenance. But in some cases, you may notice a thick, black grease on the inside of the wheel or under the front of the car. There may also be vibration while driving or a knocking noise when turning, especially when making a right turn.

Repair Versus Replace

Axle shaft repair in Sandy Springs can involve replacing just one or two components of the axle shaft. The 5 components of the axle shaft assembly include the shaft, 2 CV joints, joint grease, and 2 protective boots. In most cases, the boot tears from age and wear, so it's possible to just replace the boots. CV joints can also be replaced individually, which can be a costly repair, but less than replacing the entire assembly on most vehicles. Axle shaft assemblies are much less expensive than they were in years past, thanks to modern manufacturing, so if the axle shaft overall is in poor condition, you're better off replacing it entirely to prevent future problems. You may be able to find a mechanic that will use refurbished axles that can cut down costs, so be sure to weigh all your options before deciding.

Don't Procrastinate

Whether you choose to have the axle shaft partially replaced, repaired, or entirely replaced, it's important to not delay repairs. Once the engine transfers power to the transmission, that power should go through the axle shaft to power the wheels. If there is weakness in the axle shaft, the joint can actually break and cause an accident.

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