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Signs of a Failing Driveshaft

Working Mechanic

Your vehicle is a marvel of mechanical engineering. However, all those little bits and pieces can sometimes falter. The transmission is a complex system, composed of many different elements, that is critical in providing the engine with power. The driveshaft is one of these components. It allows the necessary torque to switch gears and rotate the wheels. It's part of what's called the drivetrain, and helps connect the various parts. If the driveshaft is faulty, there are a few indicators the car will give you, which you need to remedy right away. Continue reading to find out the symptoms of a failing driveshaft.


The make and model of your car can mean it will emit different sounds than others. But they all can indicate the same problems with the transmission. Clanking or rattling noises are the first sign of wear and tear on the mechanism. Driveshafts have couplings called U-joints. These hinges allow for the rotary motion needed for torque. If these parts show signs of wear, they can produce those abnormal noises. Specialists in drivetrain repair in Sandy Springs can help diagnose these issues and repair them immediately.


If your car is stationary yet continues to vibrate, it can be a sign of driveshaft issues. Most people might think the vibrations come from damaged tires, but excessive vibrations during startup or acceleration indicate the driveshaft needs repair. Since driveshafts are finely balanced to prevent vibrations, any sort of trembling can cause damage to other parts of the drivetrain. Contact drivetrain specialists in Sandy Springs to take care of the problem.

Difficulty Turning

This is an obvious symptom of driveshaft failure, and by far the most annoying. Parking and driving around corners can be extremely difficulty if the driveshaft is worn. Again, this is the result of worn components, and this one merits a faster response to repair. The driveshaft connects to the differential in rear-wheel drive vehicles, so contact professionals in differential repair in Sandy Springs to diagnose and resolve the issue.

Whenever your car exhibits these symptoms, don't hesitate to call the experts. If you do, you'll avoid further problems and keep your car running longer.

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