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Signs That Your Vehicle Needs Driveshaft Replacement

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The driveshaft is one of the most fundamental components of your vehicle because it's what delivers the torque from the engine to the wheels, which is necessary to move your vehicle. The wheels can't rotate on your vehicle if the driveshaft becomes so worn out that it's unable to rotate properly. It's normal for a driveshaft to wear out over time because of the high rate of rotation and torque it's subjected to. An auto transmission specialist in Buckhead can take care of driveshaft issues. Here are some signs you should watch for to know when to have auto transmission repair in Buckhead check out the driveshaft.

Major Vibration

One of the most common signs of a failing driveshaft is intense vibration from underneath the vehicle. The vibration gets worse the faster the vehicle moves. This vibration is often due to the bushings or U-joint of the driveshaft wearing out. Since the driveshaft is a finely-balanced part, there shouldn't be any vibration at all unless it's wearing out. You should get your vehicle in to a transmission shop in Buckhead as soon as you notice vibration that can't be explained otherwise because continuing to drive your vehicle will speed up wear and tear on other drive train components.

Poor Handling

Another symptom of a failing driveshaft is poor handling. This means that the wheels aren't responding as they should when you turn the wheel. This is most apparent when attempting to handle tight corners, like when parking. You may feel actual resistance when attempting to turn and be unable to make the turn in one attempt.


Unusual Noises

There are a number of unusual sounds you may notice when the driveshaft begins to wear out. If the U-joint is damaged there may be a squeaking sound that gets louder as the vehicle accelerates. In most cases, the sound stops at high speeds, but as the car decelerates and comes to a stop the sound will usually resume. Other problems with the driveshaft that are preventing the shaft from rotating correctly can cause other sounds like rattling or clunking. It may sound like something is scraping the undercarriage of your vehicle. Any of these sounds are cause for concern and warrant immediate attention from a transmission specialist.

Reasons to Seek Help Immediately

As mentioned, driving with a worn-out driveshaft can cause damage to other drive train components. However, there are other reasons to take your vehicle in for repair as soon as you notice these problems. Driveshaft repairs can be very expensive, but if problems are found early, repair or replacement costs are often lower. It can also be dangerous driving with a failing driveshaft because if the U-joint breaks completely apart you'll be left without any power at all, which can place you in a very dangerous situation.

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