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The Importance of Regular Transmission Repair and Service

Regular Transmission Repair and Service

A transmission, whether you have an automatic or manual, is essential for shifting gears in your car. That means it makes sure that your wheels get the right amount of power for whatever speed they need. A manual transmission essentially works like the gear shifter on a bicycle, allowing you more control while an automatic transmission does everything for you, though you can still hear it working in the sounds your engine makes as you accelerate or decelerate. Once you realize the importance of your transmission, you may want to take it to a transmission repair shop in Buckhead to make sure it's in top shape.

Types of Maintenance

Different car manufacturers have different ideas about how often you should change your transmission fluid. But, an auto transmission repairman in Buckhead can help you figure out how often you should come in. If you don't change your transmission fluid, it can deteriorate over time, making it harder for the transmission to shift gears, keep its parts moving smoothly, or cool down. Sometimes you can see if your transmission fluid is deteriorating as the pink or red fluid takes on a darker hue. Different cars need different types of transmission fluids, and it's important not to mix them, so you may need professional guidance.

If you have a lot of gunk building up in your transmission, you may even need a transmission flush. In a transmission flush, you remove all the old fluid and then flush new fluid through the system, sometimes using cleaning additives to remove buildup from the system.

Compounding Problems

If you wait too long to visit transmission repairs in Buckhead, you could make preexisting problems much worse as you put more and more strain on the gears and other parts within your transmission. Often this damage occurs gradually over time, so you might not realize you have a problem to begin with. That's why it's so important to have professionals regularly examine it.

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