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Things That Transmission Repair Services Must Include

Auto Repair

Buying a car can be a huge investment and not just for the initial purchase. Repairs can also be very costly. At Mr. Transmission, we have expert technicians experienced with manual and automatic transmission repair in Buckhead. We can diagnose the problem for you and help develop a repair plan for your car. Our techs can also prevent costly repairs through regular maintenance for your car's transmission.


The first thing any transmission repair shop will do is talk with you about the problems you're having. They will ask about any burning smells coming from the car. They'll want to know about any problems with shifting gears or if they're slipping. This helps them narrow the problem down so they can save you time and money repairing the car. This will determine the starting point for their inspection, but they will give the whole transmission system a look for any other issues. That's why a regular maintenance program is good because the technicians can catch problems early.

Fluid Change

The transmission system, especially an automatic transmission, uses fluid to help change gears. If the transmission fluid is low or even empty, the car can't change gears. The fluid also helps to lubricate the gears, keeping them from rubbing on each other and breaking down. Any repair service should check the fluid level and refill it if necessary. Frequent fluid changes will keep the system full of fresh liquid.

Filter Change

The transmission system will have a fluid filter like the oil filter that cleans out any dirt or small pieces of metal flowing in the transmission fluid. Over time, the filter becomes clogged and can reduce the flow of fluid to the gears. Like with a regular fluid check, the filter should be checked and changed regularly to keep it from causing problems.

Transmission Pan

With automatic transmissions, there is a large pan under the car that holds all of the fluid. Any cracks or punctures in the pan will let the fluid leak out. As we've already discussed, any change in the fluid level can be hard on the gears. There is a rubber gasket around the top of the pan that seals it against the car. Over time, this gasket can get brittle and crack or even disintegrate. Regular maintenance can replace the gasket before it falls apart and lets fluid leak out.

A comprehensive maintenance program can help you avoid costly transmission repairs in Buckhead. Our staff will look over your car and find any potential issues that can lead to leaks or broken gears. Every time your car needs maintenance or repairs, we will make sure everything is clean and fresh before you get your car back.

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