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Transmission Problems You Should Not Ignore

Automotive Transmission Parts

Anything happening out of the ordinary with your car's transmission shouldn't be taken lightly. If left untreated, a broken transmission can cost you a lot of money on repairs. Sometimes, performing routine checkups can save you a lot of trouble in the future. But some other issues are more serious, meaning you should call an expert in auto transmission repair. Here some common transmission problems that shouldn't be ignored.


An easy test to determine if your transmission is functioning properly is the fluid. Apart from having it at the appropriate level, you should also check coloration. On an optimal transmission, the fluid should be a translucent red. If the fluid seems dirty or burnt, it could indicate the transmission is overheating or burning. If you notice this discoloring, the fluid should be changed immediately. Another possibility is a leak. If you notice an active leak under your car, take it to the best auto transmission specialist in Buckhead.

Trouble Shifting

The complex machinations of a transmission can often falter. Wear and tear can occur in parts that allow the vehicle to shift gear, indicating the need for transmission repair. Your car might be having rough shifts or taking too long to shift. It could also make clunking noises or vibrating while the car is moving. If this issue goes unchecked, you could be in a dangerous position when driving, for yourself and other drivers.

Slipping and Delayed Response

A faulty transmission can slip while changing gears by itself for no apparent reason. You'll notice the car isn't shifting normally, meaning the transmission is not responding accordingly. This is the result of it not getting enough energy to change gear, and compensating. A delayed response means the car takes a long pause when shifting, and then starts moving. These are both indicators of very serious problems with your vehicle, and should be resolved immediately.

If you feel your car exhibiting these problems, consult professionals in transmission repair in Buckhead to ensure your safety on the road.

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