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Transmission Repair vs. Replacement: What to Choose?

Technician A car's transmission is essential to the overall performance of a vehicle. When transmission problems occur, which is inevitable eventually in most cars, you'll have to decide to either replace your transmission or just repair the damage. Before choosing between transmission repair or transmission replacement in Sandy Springs, learn about the pros and cons of each option.


A car's transmission is responsible for making, sure enough, power is being sent to your vehicle's wheels no matter the speed. The transmission does this by automatically shifting the gears or shifting the gears when you tell it to if you have a manual. Keeping the transmission well maintained will help prevent unexpected and costly damages from occurring.

Transmission maintenance includes checking the transmission fluid regularly, turning off overdrive whenever towing and not towing an excessive amount of weight, making sure your transmission doesn't overheat perhaps by using an auxiliary cooler and warming up your vehicle on cold days. You also want to make sure to use the right fluid for your car. Though the better fluid could be more expensive, it may save you money in the long run. Whenever anything seems even slightly wrong with your transmission, contact a professional to catch the problem early and avoid unnecessary and costly damages.

Common Symptoms

Problems in your transmission are likely to occur if not well maintained. To catch the problem early, keep an eye out for some common signs that something is wrong with the transmission. Common symptoms to look out for include the check engine light being on, leaking or low fluid, shaking sensations, a burning smell, slippery gears, or an unresponsive car.

Repair vs. Replace

Auto repair When a problem does occur, you'll have to decide whether you want to repair or replace the transmission. The degree of the transmission problem may influence your decision. If the damage is small, repairing may be the cheapest option and sufficient enough for the time being. Repair is usually done when only a single part of the transmission is broken.

However, merely patching holes may lead to more problems in the future and may not save much money. No matter if you replace or repair, your transmission will have to be removed from your car and eventually put back in. This is a messy and difficult job, and therefore there are advantages to replacing the transmission to avoid having to do this task often. Also, getting something that is new, in better conditions, and that helps prevent problems in the future may be worth the extra couple hundred dollars.

Another option is rebuilding the transmission, which means taking the transmission apart, inspecting each of the components, and putting it back together with any additional fixes. Rebuilding transmissions requires much expertise, and therefore you should either go through extensive training or hire a specialist. Since both options are expensive and time-consuming, replacing is usually the better option.

If you're experiencing problems with your transmissions, now is the time to contact a transmission shop in Sandy Springs today. The earlier you catch a problem, the easier and cheaper it will be to fix, and the professionals will be able to answers any of your questions. Give Mr. Transmission of Sandy Springs a call to see if you need a repair or replacement.

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