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Vehicle Transmission Maintenance Tips

Vehicle Transmission Maintenance Infographic

Cars are not only fun to drive, but they're also essential to everyday life. Whether you're going to school, to work, to the doctor, or to the beach, it's important to know that you can rely on your car and your transmission to get you there. While they're usually very durable, transmissions need regular maintenance to keep in shape. For over 17 years, the experts at Mr. Transmission of Sandy Springs have been helping motorists get where they're going. Here are a few tips from the professionals at Mr. Transmission to help you stay on top of your maintenance schedule.

The easiest way to maintain your vehicle's transmission is to take it to your local transmission shop for regular maintenance. Your owner's manual will tell you approximately when you should come in for inspection, usually every 15,000 miles. Even if you don't drive your car a lot, you should still have it inspected every other year to ensure the seals are still intact. Regular inspections can help spot problems before they start and save you hundreds in emergency repair.

Check your fluids regularly for leaks and low levels. Remove the dipstick, wipe it clean, and then reinsert the stick. When you remove a second time, note the level of fluid on the stick. If it's below the minimum mark, add a quart of oil and check the level again. Add in half-quart increments until you're above the minimum mark. If you find yourself topping up your transmission on a regular basis, you could have a leak somewhere.

Another part of transmission maintenance is proper driving technique. When it's cold outside or if it's just been a while since you've used your vehicle, allow it a few minutes to warm up before you put it in gear. This gives the transmission oil a chance to warm up and properly lubricate the gears inside. Always stop completely before shifting gears to avoid grinding and the dreaded "engine drop." Avoid riding the brakes at all cost. When you always have the brakes engages, the transmission has to work harder.

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