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What Is the Purpose of a Drive Shaft

Automotive Parts

If you're a car owner, you'll find that there's a lot you need to know, and a lot of it becomes unexpectedly relevant when your car suddenly malfunctions or even breaks down. If you ever need to get drivetrain repair in Sandy Springs, for instance, it can really help you to know what the mechanics are talking about so that you know exactly what you're paying for.

Functioning Drive Shafts

A drive shaft is one of several mechanical devices in your car that generates operating power. Specifically, a drive shaft sends rotation and the rotational force known as torque to other mechanical parts in your vehicle. If you apply linear force to an object, you would be pushing or pulling it, but torque twists it. You'll often find drive shafts carrying this torque from the car's engine and transmission along to the rear of the vehicle before it gets to the wheels. There are also usually a pair of small drive shafts that carry torque to the wheels from the transaxles.

Drive shafts are part of highly interconnected systems, utilizing joints, couplings, and rods to ensure proper function. This means that part of drive shaft repair can entail things like CV joint repair in Sandy Springs, since each individual component plays a vital role in keeping the system running.

Malfunctioning Drive Shafts


Like other similar devices, drive shafts are built to be durable, since they need to withstand a lot of stress without interrupting the power flow. If you get car maintenance in Sandy Springs, they can tell you whether or not your drive shaft is in good shape, and if it's not, they can help you decide whether to repair or replace it. It is not always possible to repair a drive shaft, depending on the type of car and the nature of the damage, though it is cheaper.

If you want to make sure your car is in the best shape possible, though, it's driveshaft replacement in Sandy Springs is usually the best way to go. Luckily, sometimes only one drive shaft will malfunction and you can leave the rest alone. However, many drive shafts you end up repairing or replacing, it's important to examine the quality of all connected components to make sure they weren't damaged from the additional stress of another damaged part. You should also have these parts lubricated while everything is getting put back together. Proper lubrication helps this system perform at peak efficiency, and you can often prevent future trouble by taking care of your parts now.

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