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Winter Car Care and Maintenance Tips

Winter Trouble

Is your car ready to handle the road this winter? For winter car maintenance in Buckhead, check out these tips from Mr. Transmission of Sandy Springs.

Pre-Winter Washing

Nobody washes their car in the middle of winter for obvious reasons, but make sure you cross this off your pre-winter maintenance. Give your car a thorough cleaning, especially after all the leaves have fallen. You rake up all the leaves in your yard but make sure to check the air plenum of the base of your windshield. Dead leaves can pile up inside the plenum, blocking airflow to your car's heating and air conditioning unit. They can also create ripe conditions for the formation of mold and mildew inside your car. If you have a sunroof, check for dead leaves in the inner grooves and flush them out with a high-powered garden hose. When it comes to waxing your car before winter, automotive enthusiasts are divided. Advances in wax production, however, has created advanced carnauba-based compounds that will prevent water and slush from accumulating on your car's surface. This will help protect your paint job from mud, salt, and grime during the colder months and give it that mirror-like shine throughout the year.

Check Tires


Falling temperatures can cause the air in your tires and your tire treads to contract, causing stress cracks along the tire. For this reason, have your tires inspected and keep the air pressure up to par with the manufacturer's recommendations. Since tires wear unevenly, it's a good idea to have them rotated before the season starts. If you live in a region that doesn't see a lot of snow, you could get away with a set of all-season tires. Tire technology has changed drastically in the past decade, making these types of tires more efficient and able to withstand more seasonal changes. If you expect heavy snows this winter, consider buying a separate set of snow tires. If you plan on taking your vehicle off road this season, snow tires are a must to prevent getting stuck in snow in the middle of nowhere.

Check for Leak

Before snow-shoveling season hits, take a moment to look under your car for the tell-tale signs of a leak. How do you tell what part of your vehicle is leaking? Take a paper towel and use it to take blot sample from the leak. The color of the fluid will help you determine the source of the leak. Antifreeze is by far the most important fluid in your vehicle this season as it'll prevent your engine from seizing in the winter. It also protects your engine from internal corrosion. It usually has a greenish-blue tint. Regular oil will appear black or dark brown while transmission fluid will stain the paper towel red. If you suspect a transmission leak, take your car in to be serviced as soon as possible by professional drivetrain specialists in Buckhead.

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